The record is broken, ten new historical records of F1 in the 2019 season!

By: D. Mipo Dec. 27,2019

21 races, 10 drivers, a restless season ... Behind the battle for championship, podium and points, let's take a look at what dusty history records the 2019 season has broken?

Top 10 new records for the 2019 season

1. single season historical highest score

Hamilton ended his 2019 season with 413 points, creating personal history is also the highest score in a single season in F1 history, 5 points higher than last year's record, of course, Hamilton is also helped by the new rules this year (from the 2019 season, get The fastest lap of the race and the driver who finishes in the top ten will receive an extra bonus point), but this does not hide the stability and dominance of the Six Crowns this season.

At the same time, Hamilton also broke another record after winning the championship-the interval between the first championship and the most recent championship. Michael Schumacher won the first and seventh championship a decade apart, and 11 years have passed since Hamilton's first world championship in 2008.

2. Number of departures

This season, the silver and red started a fierce chase for the front row. Mercedes ruled in the first half of the season. With the return of summer break, Ferrari showed a very competitive qualifying speed. In the historical list, the Prancing Horse topped the list with 65 times, but only once more than Mercedes. After Mercedes, McLaren and Williams have the same 62 times.

I believe that the battle of the silver-red front row will continue in the 2020 season ...

3. Most points but never won the world championship

Valtteri Bottas' current career total points have reached 1289 points, tied for seventh place in history, but the Finn has never won the world championship, which also made him surpass Felipe Massa as the most scored but never won the championship Rider.

4. Ferrari's youngest standing champion

When Charles Leclerc reached the highest podium of the Belgian Grand Prix this season, in addition to his first victory for the Prancing Horse, he also broke a 50-year record held by Jacky Ickx-Charles Leclerc The age of 21 years, 10 months and 16 days has become the youngest standing champion in the history of Ferrari. Previously, this record has been 23 years, 6 months and 6 days for Jacky Ickx in France in 1968.

5. The youngest podium

There is no shortage of drama in the Brazilian Grand Prix this season, whether it was Gassley who beat Hamilton for 0.062 seconds at the rush time or Carlos Sainz Jr took the first podium of his career due to Hamilton's penalty. Verstappen, Gasly The average age of the podium combination with Carlos Sainz Jr is only 23 years, 8 months and 23 days, breaking the 2008 podium combination of Robert Kubica, Kovalainen and Vettel, becoming the youngest average age in F1 history. Podium.

6. Most matches played but never scored

This record is currently maintained by Perez, who has participated in 176 grand prix races in his career but has never achieved pole position, followed by Romain Grosjean of 164 games. Before entering the 2019 season, this record 160 games held by Johnny Herbert.

7. Lead the most games

Seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher has led 142 Grand Prix careers. This record was ended by Hamilton this year. The number of games led by Shinco's six-time champion has now reached 148. After Hamilton and Schumacher, Vettel, Leads 105 games.

8. The most matches played for the first time

Carlos Sainz Jr had waited 101 games before boarding the podium in Brazil. The original third place Hamilton was fined after an accident with Alban during the game. Although he did not catch up with the official podium after the race, Carlos Sainz Jr was able to celebrate with the team after the race. Before Carlos Sainz Jr, the longest record was Martin Brundle's first podium in his career in France in 1992 after waiting for 91 games.

9. The longest interval between two points

This season we welcome the return of our old friend Robert Kubica. What is even more surprising is that the Poles scored the only point of the season for ROKiT Williams Racing in the chaos in Germany this year. The last point that Robert Kubica scored in F1 goes back to the 2010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, and 3178 days have passed in between, setting a record for F1.

10. Fastest Stop

Red Bull Racing completed a four-tire tire change in 1.82 seconds in a stop at Verstappen in Brazil, setting a new record for the fastest stop. And Red Bull's brave hand speed performance has been maintained for almost a whole year. They broke the world record three times this season, and at the end of the season they won the 2019 fastest stop team award.

The record is used to break-ten new historical records of F1 in the 2019 season

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