Global industrial power ranking! The United States is number one, What other countries are there?

By: MR. Knight Dec. 30,2019

Industry is a powerful foundation of a country. Most developed countries in the world have a strong industrial foundation. In addition, almost every developed country has several unique industrial technologies that are arrogant to the world.

So who are the ten strongest industrial countries in the world today?

Global top industrial power

The three top industrial powers currently recognized around the world are: the United States, Germany, and Japan. No matter how they are ranked, these three countries are firmly in the top three positions in the world. The first is the United States, the world's number one super-industrial powerhouse, and the world's most powerful technology. There are no opponents that can surpass the United States in the foreseeable time. The industry in the United States is almost all high-end manufacturing and high-tech industries. It controls more than half of the world's aviation and medical, aircraft, automotive, military, chemical, biological, computer and other fields of manufacturing and technology. Representative companies include: General Electric Company (GE), The Boeing Company, Intel, Apple, etc.

Next is Japan, and Japan's industrial technology is now second only to the United States, ranking second in the world. Everyone knows that as early as World War II, Japan's industrial technology was able to build aircraft carriers on a large scale. After nearly a century of development and storage, Japan's current industrial manufacturing technology can only be described as terrible. In other words, Japan's industrial technology could go even further without the constraints of the United States. The Japanese industry mainly involves high-precision lathes, automobiles, precision instruments, special steels, and shipbuilding. The representative companies are: Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Yamaha, Sony, etc.

Furthermore, Germany, like Japan, is an old industrial powerhouse. Germany is rigorous in life and serious in doing things. German machinery manufacturing is to some extent the most precise representative of the planet. The Swiss can be extremely precise in the field of watches and clocks, but the Germans can do almost everything. Except for Volkswagen Gods). German industry is currently involved in the fields of automobile manufacturing, high-end machine tools, electronics, chemistry, etc. Representative companies are: Siemens, Public, BASF, Mercedes, etc.

Global high-end industrial powerhouse

There are four countries with high-end industrial powers: South Korea, Sweden, France, and the United Kingdom. Although the industrial strength of these four countries is very strong, it is still a little lower than that of the United States, Japan and Germany. Britain and France will not talk about it, these two are the old European countries, but also the first countries to enter the industrial revolution. Let's take a look at South Korea first. South Korea is one of the four Asian dragons and the fastest-growing rising industry after World War II. South Korea currently ranks among the top in the world in the fields of automobile manufacturing, semiconductor materials and high-end electronics manufacturing. Representative companies include: SAMSUNG, HYUNDAI, LG, etc.

Followed by Sweden, many people are not familiar with this country and subconsciously think it is a small country. In fact, Sweden is the largest country in Northern Europe, and its industrial capacity is extremely powerful. It is best at nuclear, aerospace, and military industries. Representative companies are: Volvo, Electrolux, etc.

Global Mid-Range Industrial Power

The last three industrial powers are Switzerland, Italy and Canada. Watchmaking in Switzerland, high-end cars in Italy, and high-tech materials in Canada are all well-known. But they all have one characteristic, which is that they are not big, which is why they are in the bottom.

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