Need to know the difference between Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute!

By: Shoveler Jan. 02,2020

Alaskan and Husky both belong to Sled Dog. Their looks and coats are very similar. Friends who do n’t understand them do n’t know which is Alaskan and which is Husky. Let us use our eyes.

Take a good look at the difference between Alaskan and Husky!

1. Eye color is different

Husky's eyes are usually blue, ochre, brown, etc. Alaskan is only brown, and it feels as a whole. Alaskan's characteristics are more specific, while Husky's characteristics are more diverse and interesting.

2. Hair length and color are different

Most Husky are short-haired breeds, and some genes with long hairs are not excluded, but Alaskan's are long-haired, and Husky has many colors, including black and white, off-white, coffee white, etc., while Alaskan only has red Brown and black and white

3. Different forehead

Husky has three different foreheads, two-point, cross, and double-line. Alaskan has a peach face and a cross face, and even if both are cross faces, there is a difference when looking at it. Husky's cross His face was serious and funny, while Alaskan's cross face was much more aggressive and domineering.

4. Different ears

Husky-The distance between the ears is narrower, the tip of the ear is less curved, resembling a triangle; Alaskan-The distance between the ears is wider, and the tip of the ear is larger, semicircular.

5. Tail with

Husky-When relaxed, the tail naturally hangs down, closer to the wolf. When excited or running, the tail is hem, but the tip of the tail is always horizontal; Alaskan-the root of the tail is thick, the hair is strong, and it is always curly, and the tail is bent close to the tail.

6. Different body types

The most intuitive impression is that Husky is a medium-sized dog, and some are even smaller than Samoyed, but Alaskan is a large dog, standing with Husky, it is obvious that you can feel a big circle, one is brother, one is brother Both sense of vision.

7. Different personality

Some Husky are very obedient, but most of Husky's habits are closer to wolves, smart, alert, lively, fickle, their personality is more lively and active, as if energy can never be used up, and Alaskan is relatively more stable: honest , Brave, loyal, and patient. By comparison, Husky is mischievous.

8. Different IQ

Husky is much smarter than Alaskan. In the world's canine obedience and IQ rankings, Husky is ranked 45th and Alaskan is ranked 50th.

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