The new decade of human travel in 2020: autonomous driving, flying cars, space travel ...

By: MR. Knight Jan. 21,2020

2020 is here! Will start the new 1920s. For human travel, it will be a new start. In the next ten years, we may see:

On the ground: Large-scale applications of autonomous driving will profoundly change human life;

In the air: the combination of flying cars and helicopters will begin to affect human life;

In space: Space travel will gradually rise, the construction of the space station will be completed, and the feats of returning to the moon and landing on Mars will be realized one by one.

Ground: Autonomous driving will be realized

On the ground: The impact of the combination of artificial intelligence and 5G on humans may be unthinkable at present, just as we could not imagine the convenient life of going out today: a mobile phone completed a taxi, subway bus, high-speed rail plane Wait for all modes of travel.

It can be expected that in the 2020s, autonomous driving will be applied on a large scale:

In terms of human travel: autonomous taxis, private cars, and buses will gradually move from small-scale demonstration applications to large-scale commercial applications. Based on the realization of autonomous driving, more services and formats will be generated. There will be more More opportunities, The new decade of human travel in 2020: autonomous driving, flying cars, space travel.

In the field of goods circulation: self-driving heavy trucks transport raw materials and products in ports, mining areas, highways, etc. Autonomous city distribution vehicles will complete urban transportation, and various shapes of unmanned logistics vehicles will transport daily needs Express delivery, takeaway, department stores, etc. to each household;

In the field of public services: driverless sanitation vehicles will make the roads cleaner, self-driving sprinklers will make cities greener and roads easier to clean, and self-driving patrol cars will make us feel safer, and we may still More autonomous driving equipment to provide public services.

In the air: the flight will extend into the city

In the air: In addition to the now very mature inter-city flights, in the next ten years, we may see that the routes within the city begin to spread from the wealthy to the general population. The service may be provided by helicopters or by New type of aircraft.

New types of aircraft include multi-rotor aircraft similar to EHang, Taili runway-type flying cars, or VTOLs that take off and land vertically. In the next decade, more giants, including Airbus overlord Airbus and Boeing, including traditional car companies, including emerging teams, will launch similar products.

Another new type of aircraft is the personal aircraft, which was inspired by "Iron Man". The iron armor of Tony Stark poured out of the cave caused the imitation of Silicon Valley and began to spread to the world. However, such personal aircraft are currently more similar to the above-mentioned aircraft.

At the current level of human technology, it is far from being able to do Iron Man. Iron Man's suit, its source of power, its material rigidity and flexibility, its level of precision manufacturing, and the ecological maintenance system in its equipment, etc., are not achievable by humans at the current technological level.

In the next ten years, we can't see Iron Man flying in the air. It is more likely that flying cars, eVTOL and other aircraft will gradually be applied in a small range, and ordinary people can start to try A chance.

Space: Space travel will rise

In space: this more exciting field, on the one hand, is the ideal of mankind to start space life with deep space, on the other hand, it is the dream of mankind to find origin and space creatures, and human beings still feel lonely in the universe.

Space travel is the closest form of space travel to the "ordinary" person. In the next decade, it may gradually rise. SpaceX has announced plans for space travel. Companies such as Blue Origin also have corresponding plans. More companies may provide space travel services in the future.

Returning to the moon is the action that humans will inevitably complete in the next ten years. 48 years have passed since Apollo 17 transported the last human off the moon in December 1972. The United States, which once landed on the moon, already has a plan to return to the moon. As a rising space country, China also has an equal plan. It may be in the 1920s or 30s. We will wait and see.

Landing on Mars, in addition to the dreams of national space agencies, is also the dream of Elon Musk, a prototype of Iron Man and known as the Martian. At present, Musk's Space X is preparing to test the Mars spacecraft-Starship, which is a spacecraft with a capacity of 100 people. It may become the first spacecraft to land on Mars in the future.

Elon Musk has been using Tesla to develop solar technology and pure electric vehicle technology; using Boring Company to develop tunneling technology; using Space X to develop space flight technology; and Cybertruck + AVT is considered to be a must for life on Mars. All of Elon Musk's actions above seem to be preparing for life on Mars.

In the next decade, we may see humans land on Mars, but the greater possibility may appear in the 1930s.

In addition to the way of travel, the combination of artificial intelligence and 5G will profoundly change the way of life, entertainment, work, and even the way people live in the next decade. But the change of travel mode is the most basic change.

The next ten years will be even more exciting. Human travel will probably go from self-driving cars to flying cars to space walks.

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