After New Crown Pneumonia is over, China may become the world's biggest winner

By: D. Mipo Mar. 09,2020

With the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in other regions outside China, the risk aversion of investors in global markets continues to rise, and the rapid rise in anxiety has aggravated the turmoil in global financial markets. The global stock market, represented by US stocks, has plummeted. In view of the close ties between the countries of the world today and the trend of economic globalization, the negative impact of New Crown Pneumonia on the world economy is emerging, and all countries are affected by it.

The impact of the epidemic on China's economy depends on the progress and effectiveness of epidemic prevention and control. This impact is temporary and temporary and will not change the long-term sound development of the Chinese economy. China has adopted effective prevention and control measures to successfully prevent the spread of the epidemic, which has greatly reduced the impact of the epidemic on China. After the epidemic, China may become the biggest winner in the world.

First, in terms of finance. Although the epidemic first occurred in China, it took China only a month to control the epidemic, and it entered the final stage. China launched a loose fiscal policy. The stock market rose all the way, which meant a lot of state-owned enterprise funds, and the world Other countries, including the United States, Europe, and Japan, have intensified the epidemic, which has led to financial shocks in various countries, so China has logically become a safe haven for funds.

Second, in terms of deterrence, with the help of this epidemic, China successfully demonstrated to the world its national mobilization ability, air transportation capacity, and rail transportation capacity. A high-level war hospital with thousands of beds can be built in a week. Moving forward, tens of millions of people are ready to engage in anti-epidemic strategies at any time. This is the world's unparalleled ability to mobilize war. On the surface, China, in fact, has carried out an epic war preparation material allocation. China is full of praise and admiration!

Third, in terms of values, people are not only concerned about the story of creating wealth, but various heroic deeds in the epidemic. People are no longer eager to just make money, but a more genuine and high-quality happy life. People are no longer concerned only Big people, as well as tens of thousands of ordinary little people, such as doctors and nurses, small vendors, courier, drivers, etc., are the selfless dedication of these little people in this epidemic, which played a vital role.

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