Nigerian league player dies after colliding with opponent in match

By: Zaberk L Cat Mar. 09,2020

Chieme Martins, a player of the Nigerian professional league Nasarawa United, fell to the ground after colliding with an opponent in a game and died after being sent to hospital. The age of the player was not indicated in the report.

In Nasarawa United and Katsina United, Martins fell to the ground after colliding with his opponent. According to reports, after Chieme Martins was urgently taken off the field, the ambulance parked on the field failed to start, causing delays in seeking medical treatment for the player.

Chieme Martins was later taken to the hospital by a media vehicle, but paramedics failed to rescue him, and he was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at the hospital.

In the game, Nasarawa United defeated Katsina United 3-0. After the news of his death came to the field, the Nasarawa United players who were supposed to celebrate the victory fell to the ground and wept.

The president of the league management company Shehu Dick wanted to determine the cause of the player's death through an autopsy, he said in a statement: "We sympathize with Nasarawa United and immediate family members of the deceased player. We hope that the autopsy results will not be the current standard procedure Provide information on, if any, future measures. "

Unfortunately, Martins was not the only player who became ill during the game and subsequently died. Prior to him, stars such as Vivian Fo, Puerta and Phil O'Donnell also passed away .

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