Will the cat be angry? When the cat is angry, there are those specific manifestations

By: Zaberk loves cats Mar. 19,2020

Many people's impressions of cats may be mostly cold, lazy, arrogant, and unreasonable characters. Cats do not like humans to interact with people, unless you take the initiative to tease it, but it is not that cat The temper is very good, in fact, the cat is also angry, let me tell you about the behavior of the cat when it is angry.

1. The ear becomes Aircraft ear

When the cat is normal, the ears are upright. If the cat's ears are flat, which is what we often call Aircraft ear, then you must be careful, indicating that the cat is already a little angry.

2. Pupil dilation

When a cat is generally catching prey, the spirit is in a high concentration, when the eyes can only see the eyeballs, and it becomes Kazilan's big eyes, the cat may be angry and intend to attack you.

3. Swing your tail hard

When the cat is particularly angry, the frequency of tail swing is not the same as when it is comfortable. When the cat feels comfortable, the tail will sweep around leisurely. When the cat is angry, the tail will flutter vigorously. I heard the sound of tail and floor bumps.

4. Bow back and frizz

This is also the behavior of cats when they are dealing with foreign invaders. At this time, the cat is in a very alert state. If your cat bows back to you and the soft hair starts to explode, it is very dangerous at this time. Already.

5. Harshness accompanied by growl

The cat started to yell at you and yelled. This is the last warning for you. Hurry away from the scene, otherwise you will meet the cat paw from the cat.

Tip: Don't tease the cat when it's angry, stay away from it, just a moment

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