What should be paid attention to when raising dogs in spring?

By: Zaberk L Cat Apr. 05,2020

As spring comes, the weather is gradually warming and everything is recovering. Dogs need to pay attention to preventing colds, regular internal and external deworming treatments, and also to avoid skin allergies or high-risk diseases. At the same time, pay attention to supplement the nutrition of the dogs. When you go out, you must pull the rope to avoid being attacked or attacking other dogs.

What should be paid attention to when raising dogs in spring?

Mind the infection

The so-called small is what we commonly call the intestines, a virus that can be transmitted among dogs, and the main way of infection is dog poop. In the spring, many pet owners will take their dogs out to go green, and as long as the dogs go out, they will be used to finding the place where the dog urinates and pulls the poop, and some dogs like to eat poop, so the pet owner takes the dog out It is best to attach a traction rope to prevent small dog infections.

Pay attention to deworming

Bacteria breed in spring, especially parasites that are prone to breed ticks, fleas, and so on, so pets should pay attention to the dogs' regular use of insect repellent to repel insects, otherwise dogs are susceptible to illness. In addition, the insect repellent must be an insecticide, which will cause certain irritation to the dog's gastrointestinal mucosa, causing the dog to vomit, dilute or lose appetite. At this time, the pet owner can feed the dog some probiotics, regulate the stomach and help Dogs spend their deworming period.

Be careful not to catch a cold

The temperature difference between morning and evening in spring is great. You should choose to walk the dog in the morning with sunshine. The sun can not only disinfect and sterilize, but also promote calcium absorption. Dog hair that is often exposed to the sun is more beautiful; Prolonged direct sunlight can cause damage to dog skin.

Pay attention to skin allergies or high incidence diseases

Clean and disinfect household environment and daily necessities, including dog utensils and kennels, which may hide worms, eggs and bacteria to prevent skin allergies and respiratory diseases; spring breeds badly, food is easy to spoil, keep food fresh and ensure no deterioration Can be given to dogs, otherwise dog diarrhea can easily be caused.

Infectious rhinotracheitis, also known as high cough, is often accompanied by this type of cough and requires treatment at an animal hospital. If the dog only coughs at night, it may be caused by large temperature changes at night, just pay attention to keep warm at night.

Play less in the flowers to avoid allergic diseases caused by allergens such as mites. Symptoms include redness, itching, rash, increased dandruff, and hair loss.

Pay attention to dog moulting period

Spring is a period of dog moulting. During this period, pets often help dogs comb their coats. This promotes blood circulation in the dog's skin, prevents knots on the hairs, sticks together, and keeps the skin clean and hygienic. During the normal breeding process, pet owners should also pay attention to dietary health. Only dogs with sufficient nutrition can reduce hair loss. It is recommended that pet owners feed dog foods with low salt content and deep-sea fish oil and protein.

Pay attention to nutrition

Spring is the season for the growth and development of dogs. Pay attention to supplement the dogs with sufficient nutrition. In addition to the normal diet, give your dog more protein. Of course, big fish and meat every day is not enough. Vegetables and fruits should be supplemented appropriately. At the same time, it is not recommended to eat animal livers, so as not to cause disease.

Leash Out

Spring is a period of high estrus in pets. When you go out to bend, you must pull the traction rope to prevent dogs from attacking or being attacked by other estrus dogs. If you reach the sterilization age, it is best to sterilize the dog to reduce the pain during estrus.

Notes on raising dogs:

Shovel Museum should know the different seasons, the points of concern are different, and the emphasis is also different. However, the dog's diet is indeed the most important place to pay attention to every season, because the health of a dog is closely related to the diet.

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