British official: China must be killed in the cradle before it becomes a technological powerhouse

By: anna zhannifer Apr. 24,2023

Recently, a woman in the British intelligence community, Lindy Cameron, suddenly went on a rampage. At an annual networking conference, she said something amazing: Britain and its allies must strangle China in its cradle before it becomes the number one technological power!

What's going on here? Is China's technological development so fast that the British feel panicked and threatened? Or are the British trying to pull another stunt to suppress China's rise?

Let's take a look at the specifics of Lindy Cameron's remarks, and maybe we can find some clues.

First, she said that China is rising rapidly and could overtake the United States as the world's largest economy and military power before too long.

This is, in fact, indisputable; China's economy is already the second largest in the world and has maintained steady growth in spite of the new crown epidemic. China's military is also modernizing and improving its foreign defense capabilities.

All of these are the results of the Chinese people's efforts to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

However, Lindy Cameron sees these as epochal challenges to Britain.

She says Britain and its allies can no longer pretend the problem doesn't exist and must stop the trouble ("nip it in the bud") before China becomes the number one technological power.

That's a bit much.

China is developing science and technology to make a better life for its people and to promote peaceful development in the world.

China has never wanted to dominate the world or to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries.

China only wants to cooperate with other countries on an equal footing in the field of science and technology and to jointly set world technological standards.

What's wrong with that?

Lindy Cameron also cited some examples to try to prove that Chinese technology poses a threat to the West.

For example, China has developed the BeiDou satellite system, which can compete with the U.S. GPS; China has proposed new standards for the Internet, and China has launched plans for a digital currency that can withstand U.S. sanctions.

These examples are actually quite far-fetched.

The Beidou satellite system is designed to meet China's own and other countries' navigation needs and does not threaten anyone's interests. New Internet standards are designed to improve cybersecurity, and digital currencies are designed to accommodate financial innovation and facilitate transactions, and do not break anyone's rules.

Lindy Cameron's comments actually reveal the UK's fear and jealousy of China's rise. She does not want to see a strong China that is equal to or even one step ahead of the West in the field of technology.

She hopes to suppress and contain China by playing up the "China threat theory" in order to protect her own interests and dominant position.

In fact, this approach is foolish. China's technological development is unstoppable and its rise is irreversible.

China is committed to peaceful development, not to colonial plunder and war-making.

China is willing to share the fruits of science and technology with all countries in the world, instead of exclusive private ownership and hegemonism.

China wants to build a community of human destiny with all countries in the world, instead of engaging in confrontation and zero-sum games.

The remarks of British intelligence chief Lindy Cameron in fact only reveal the incompetence of Britain.

Britain used to be a sunset empire and used to lead the world in the field of science and technology.

However, Britain has lost its glory and has been abandoned by history. Britain is incapable of competing with China and can only rely on the patronage of the United States and its reputation for denigrating China.

Lindy Cameron, the head of British intelligence, stop your unnecessary struggle! You should stop thinking about solving this trouble! You should reflect on why you have ended up in this situation. You should learn properly why China has been able to achieve what it has achieved? You should make a good adjustment on how to live in peace with China and develop together?
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