Starship failure reason announced: self-destruction due to engine failure and loss of altitude, Musk said to try again in a few months

By: Beatrice Apr. 24,2023

Starship, known as the "world's most powerful rocket," exploded after liftoff and did not successfully enter Earth orbit. According to an April 21 report by the Russian news agency Sputnik, the cause of the Starship launch failure has been announced, the U.S. space exploration technology company (SpaceX) reported that the Starship was launched shortly after the engine failure and loss of altitude and was actively self-destructed.

On that day, Starship lifted off from a launch pad in Boca Chica on the Texas coast. Minutes later, when the rocket's first stage was supposed to separate, the arrow began to spin and disintegrate. The rocket then sank in the Gulf of Mexico, sending debris flying everywhere after the explosion.

SpaceX said several of Starship's engines failed, lost altitude and began spinning, giving the spacecraft the command to terminate the flight. spaceX said the spacecraft was set up to self-destruct in the event of an accident to prevent the rocket from falling freely and threatening the safety of humans on the ground.

It is reported that the starship successfully reached an altitude of 39,000 meters before the explosion.

Before the launch of the Starship, Musk said that it was "irrational" to expect a successful first flight. He said the ship's engines were the most fragile part of the structure and hoped it would not explode on the launch pad.

It turned out that unfortunately he was right, and after the mission failed, Musk tweeted: "Congratulations to the entire team on the amazing test flight of the 'Starship' spacecraft! We've learned a lot for a new beginning in a few months."

Although at least seven previous test flights of Starship have ended in failure, mankind's pursuit of progress will never stop. The next test flight of Starship, Musk said, could take place in a few months.
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