The world's eight most dangerous countries

By: Abraham Apr. 26,2023

The fourth Somalia

I believe that we must have heard of Somali pirates, yes, Somalia, a country that does not have a lot of prolific, on the proliferation of pirates. In this country, the road to meet a random person there is a great possibility of pirates, because when the pirates to money quickly. Somalia is located in the Red Sea transport routes, there are often ships passing through here, there will be a variety of resources, including gold and silver treasures. Pirates, of course, is not likely to let go of the great opportunity to rob, so there are often ships traveling to the Somali waters were robbed empty, and finally can stay a life has been considered good. The local government basically can not manage, treat these rampant pirates, the government can only turn a blind eye. Pirates are now more advanced weapons and equipment, from the original knife into a heavy machine gun, so the ship driving to the Somali waters, will play 12 points of the spirit, fear of encountering pirates.

The third Congo

Those who want to travel to the Congo should still do a careful consideration, if you have to go to see the local customs, do not remember to go alone, must be accompanied by a group, in addition do not just open the car windows, or carry the things are likely to be robbed empty. The people living here have a state of hatred towards the whole society, and they may give a knife to the pedestrians in the street one day on a whim. In most parts of the Congo, you can see armed forces in full gear and bandits who are fighting against the government at every turn. Most of the Congolese do not have a real job, so if they want to make money quickly, they have to do illegal activities, such as killing people and crossing goods. The natural beauty of the Congo is often shown on TV, which makes some backpackers want to travel to the country. If you insist on going, remember to make a good will in advance to bring less cash, and most importantly, not to reveal your wealth, otherwise you may get killed for yourself.

The second Iraq

Once mentioned Iraq, we will not associate with war, yes Iraq in the minds of most of the country has become synonymous with war, but this is not the Iraqi people actively choose, they also want to live a peaceful and stable life. But that's not likely today, as the entire country has become embroiled in a spiral of war, and after the war has fallen a bit, terrorist groups have taken over the country again. There are reports of 3,400 terrorist attacks in Iraq every year, more than 10 attacks a day, and more than 9,000 buildings have been affected, even some ancient monuments with research value have been destroyed, leaving only broken walls, which is not only a disaster for Iraq, but also a huge loss for the whole human society.

First: Syria

Syria is always followed by the word "refugee", and during the seven-year war, more than 300,000 Syrian people have suffered the brunt of the war. Some have lost their lives forever, some have become disabled, some families have been torn apart, millions of refugees have been displaced, and it is not uncommon to see Syrian refugees in rags on the Internet asking for help. As an ancient country with thousands of years of history, Syria used to have very beautiful scenery, and some buildings were no worse than Europe, not only temples and triumphal arches, but all this was destroyed by the war. According to statistics, half of the Syrian refugees have fled to Europe and are living a life of disdain. If there were no hegemonic countries, Syria would still be in good shape, but now it is full of devastation and crisis. I advise you not to go to Syria in case you are in danger.

Do you know what are the most dangerous countries in the world? Do you think in Burma by Karma waist even if dangerous? Some of these countries have an average of 20 people killed every day, some war constantly displaced millions of refugees, and one is notorious for all the pirates, if you want to go, please write a good will in advance! Today we will take you one by one to understand the world's eight most dangerous countries.

The eighth Ukraine

In recent times, the war between Russia and Ukraine has been unbearable, many people's first impression of Ukraine is that there is a lot of beauty. Nowadays, Ukraine is at war and everyone thinks that it is the war factor that makes Ukraine so dangerous. In fact, it is not, Ukraine is a very unsafe country before the war. The Internet rumor is that Ukraine is the womb of Europeans, the GDP per capita is ridiculously low, there is almost no good way to make money, in desperation, some Ukrainian women will take the initiative to do the skin business, the square every day there are people who send small cards. In addition, the surrogacy industry in Ukraine is also very well developed, little girls are accidentally taken away to give birth to children, and it is said that a surrogate can earn up to $15,000. Now Ukraine is deep in war, some Chinese students studying in Ukraine have run back home, after all, our country is not war, and do not have to worry about being caught to do flesh business or surrogacy, full of security.

Seventh El Salvador

El Salvador is a small country located in Central America, with a very small land area, but a very large population density. It is also the world's most kidnapped country, in just seven months there are more than 3,400 people brutally murdered, every 30 people among a kidnapper, so it is not unreasonable to say that this country has been repeatedly named one of the most dangerous countries in the world. If you want to live, then do not go to El Salvador, because you do not know when you will be robbers with a gun to the head. It is reported that the local people almost do not go out at night, go out during the day to travel in pairs, for fear of being taken away by criminals.

The sixth Colombia

Colombia is located in the northwest of South America, west of the Pacific Ocean, it can be said in South America is very chaotic a country. Political corruption, violent crime is not to mention, the key or the world's most serious drug crime a country, but also the world's largest drug trade base, you can understand that Colombia is a drug den. Once one of the world's seven richest men, is the main leader of the local drug cartel in Colombia, you can imagine the "drug king" with drug trafficking in the end earned how much money. In addition, Colombian drug traffickers are also very rampant, they once shot the local anti-drug commander-in-chief, the Minister of Justice, which is equivalent to openly call the government, and that's not all, drug traffickers have also kidnapped the former president's family, as a bargaining chip to negotiate with the president, so you can see how rampant the Colombian drug traffickers really are. It is said that the environment shapes people, and it is hard not to become a "drug addict" when living in Colombia.

The fifth Mali

Mali is a landlocked country in West Africa, with a land area of only 1,241,000 square kilometers. Mali in ancient times was the greatest African kingdom, and there is a very large historical heritage, but in recent years due to the constant war in Mali, some of the historical monuments left behind is destroyed beyond recognition. The northern part of Mali is the most exaggerated, after going there may even lose their lives there, the British and American consulates have issued a notice that: try not to go to Mali alone, if you have to go, please write a will in advance, in the event of any accident, the family can follow the will to deal with the aftermath. Local people in Mali are also scared to go out by the terrorists, some supermarkets and vegetable markets even special security checks on people, for fear of making some lives.

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