China's multiple new news came out, China will usher in the era of five aircraft carriers

By: Abraham Apr. 26,2023

Nowadays, China has developed into a very powerful country. But the answer to the question of why there has been a delay in solving the problems in the Taiwan Strait may soon be available. If you don't believe me, then read on!

So now let's take a look at what new news has come from China today.

The first new news, China will usher in the era of five aircraft carriers, the rapid development of the two capabilities.
As we all know, at present, in addition to my Shandong ship, Liaoning ship, and the upcoming sea trials of Fujian ship, to be delivered by Fujian ship, China has stepped into the era of three aircraft carriers. However, due to the vast ocean area of China, only three aircraft carriers, Liaoning, Shandong and Fujian, are unable to meet the demand. Therefore, new aircraft carriers are bound to be built in the future.

According to some media sources, Dalian Shipyard, including Jiangnan Shipyard, is ready to build heavy aircraft carriers. This is really an encouraging news. The image of the aircraft carrier with the number 20 released by Jiangnan Shipyard indicates that the construction of a new aircraft carrier has already begun.

Yes, recently, on the official account of Jiangnan Shipyard, a set of surprising pictures was released. On its cover, there is a graphic of an aircraft carrier labeled "20", which instantly triggered many people's expectations for China's "No. 20 aircraft carrier". Many netizens even speculated that this No. 20 carrier might be a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.

Now, although there is no official announcement, the netizens' speculation is also possible, the current development of the motherland is still relatively rapid, the construction of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers is also, the general trend. So it is still necessary to build a nuclear aircraft carrier. Now five aircraft carriers, some are at sea, some are on the drawing board. But we are also getting closer to five aircraft carriers.

I would like to say that at the current pace of development of our country. Maybe in another 10 years or so, it can be realized, a province an aircraft carrier, a city a large drive, just ask the surrounding countries which can accept? So I think our country to strengthen this military research and development production. But I think that now our country's military spending is still a little less.

So here is a strong suggestion to the motherland, to see if a military lottery can be established, so that the people can also participate in it. Although it is said that this military expenditure of our country has risen in 2023, it is felt that this is far from enough. According to 2023 our defense budget reaches 155.37 billion yuan, an increase of 7.2% over the previous year, slightly higher than the expected increase in GDP of about 5%.

As we all know, in 2021, China's military budget increases upward to 6.8%, reaching 135.53 billion yuan. In 2022, China's military budget increases by 7.1 percent year-over-year to $1,450 billion. But in comparison, the U.S. military spending in 2023 is $857.9 billion, and China's military spending is only 26 percent of the U.S.'s.

So we can see the gap. So here again, it is strongly recommended that a military lottery be set up so that ordinary people, too, can make a contribution. Use most of the money raised to develop advanced weapons, partly to reward military experts, and partly to encourage R&D personnel. What do you think?

The second new news, the Chinese side criticized Jamat's remarks related to Taiwan.
According to media sources, recently, the president of a critical country, Jamat, ignored China's warnings, apparently did not listen to our words, during the scurrying visit to Taiwan, Jamat repeatedly openly called Taiwan a "country", but also called the country will unconditionally support the Taiwan authorities. Here I just want to say that no longer bright sword words, what a cat and a dog have dared to come out to speak.

You know, China is through the foul wind and blood to stand up, the heart has a rock-solid will and unyielding spirit of struggle, but also the strength of the military and civilian unity as one. Now it seems that we have to tell the world clearly that China is now strong. Otherwise, anyone would dare to take the Taiwan Strait issue.

Currently for Jamat's Taiwan-related remarks. China angrily criticizes Jamat's arrogant Taiwan-related remarks and advises the Jamat government not to help the enemy and do something against the international trend for its own selfish interests. As we all know, Taiwan is a part of China, China to maintain sovereignty and territorial integrity of the natural and righteous, recognized external forces, can not stop, China is determined to maintain the unification of the motherland ".

To be honest, I really don't understand, the government of the critical country has the courage to dare to scream with China? The military on the strength, can not keep up with China, dare so arrogant to say such words, it seems that we also have to give him some color to see. Here I personally suggest that China break off the government of the country of danger, business cooperation you support?

Seeing this message, I thought for half a day, thinking that these guys must not have read the book. Today's China has developed into a powerful country, not what a cat or a dog can come to touch the porcelain. You should know that our China's are not vegetarians. If you dare to say these words about Taiwan, let him not even have the bottom to wear.

But think about it, maybe these guys, did not hear what Russian President Vladimir Putin said to speak, you just remember that Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that China today is a very powerful country, his power has made any country in the world do not dare to mess with it at will. But some countries just still think we're weak.

Some people may think that if China is so strong nowadays, why is it so late to solve the problem of Taiwan. To be honest, people who say these things personally feel that they are too ignorant of China, and the people who say these things must be foreigners. You should know that China is a country with 5,000 years of cultural history.

China likes peace and does not like war. China hopes that the sovereignty of the territorial integrity, security, so that people live in long-term peace and stability, happiness and well-being, so that the delay in the armed unification of Taiwan, which is part of China, or the Bay Area has long taken, you think, so I hope that the people of the Bay give up prejudice, early return to the motherland.

The third new news, China's Zhejiang Wenzhou City Procuratorate approved the arrest of Yang Zhiyuan on suspicion of splitting the country.
According to media sources, the Wenzhou City Procuratorate has approved the arrest of Yang Zhiyuan on suspicion of splitting the country. Now the "Taiwan independence" elements are panicking.

Yang Zhiyuan, male, born on January 21, 1990, is a native of Taichung, Taiwan Province. Yang has long advocated the idea of "Taiwan independence" and co-founded the "Taiwan National Party", an illegal organization for "Taiwan independence". He was arrested in Wenzhou. He was eventually arrested in Wenzhou.

In 2006, while attending high school, Yang began to engage in "Taiwan independence" separatist activities. "In 2008, Yang was selected by the Democratic Progressive Party of Taiwan (DPP) to be the president of the youth association of the DPP's Taichung City Party Section, and became an important member of the "Taiwan Independence" force.

Later on, after a long journey, he met with opportunities and became a big leader. When he became a senior citizen, he started to intensify his efforts, pushing the "rapid independence" line in a high profile, encouraging the "multi-independence merger", and openly provoking the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country. He was later arrested in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. Here I really can't figure out how he dares to live in the mainland.

Anyway, no matter what happens now, I really hope that our country can regain Taiwan as soon as possible, so that the people of Taiwan can return to the embrace of the motherland as soon as possible. Don't let those "Taiwan independence" elements have the opportunity to take advantage of it again. But I think the main thing now is to thoroughly investigate the Taiwan independence elements, I believe that as long as these Taiwan independence elements out one by one, Taiwan will naturally return.

Now in fact, we all know that most of the people in Taiwan still yearn for China, after all, Taiwan is also part of China, is due to a small number of Taiwan independence elements in trouble, so that Taiwan's problems have not been resolved peacefully, so that the problem now is to see how to pull out these Taiwan independence elements. What do you think?

The fourth new news, Taiwan to the United States to purchase 400 harpoon anti-ship missiles, the Chinese Foreign Ministry: strong dissatisfaction, resolute opposition.
According to media sources, Taiwan will purchase 400 harpoon anti-ship missiles from the United States to counteract possible "invasion" by mainland China. I think it is really ridiculous. Taiwan is an inseparable part of China, so it's a good idea to talk about invasion. It seems that the Taiwan independence activists are still not listening to China's strict warnings.

In response, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said that the U.S.-Taiwan military ties and U.S. arms sales to Taiwan are a serious violation of the one-China principle and the three Sino-U.S. joint communiqués, especially the provisions of the August 17 Communiqué, seriously undermining China's sovereignty and security interests and seriously threatening peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait. China is strongly dissatisfied and resolutely opposed.

I would like to say that this is what the United States says is the "rule"! It is "legal" to sell any weapons anywhere, but we can not. And always say that we sell to Russia, is it really everything they say? Now think, the United States began to apply the Ukraine model of military aid to Taiwan, we are not to set up in advance, we have to be alert yo.

Besides, Taiwan, now think that the son does not recognize his parents, we have to spoil it? Next, I hope to severely punish the Taiwanese independents, to protect the few patriots, to this kind of scum to hit hard! Gold stick under the filial son, or else if this continues, the consequences are unthinkable. Over the years our mainland, let Taiwan earn a lot of money.

But currently Taiwan takes the money earned in our mainland to buy U.S. arms, how do you think this breath of anger down? It seems to be the time to completely cut off the resources of Taiwan, we can no longer care about the so-called "Taiwan people" well-being! Besides, what does China lack now?

The fifth new news: South Korea's president visited the United States, Samsung was fined 400 billion, Chinese netizens said the penalty is less.
According to the network news learned that the President of South Korea on the occasion of his visit to the United States. U.S. technology companies against South Korea's Samsung Electronics intellectual property infringement case final verdict came out. According to public information, Samsung Electronics was fined $303 million (about 400 billion won). In this regard, the Korean media is very dissatisfied.

According to Korean media reports, "Samsung Electronics earned only 600 billion won in a quarter, but to pay 400 billion won fine to the United States?" But when some Chinese netizens saw the news, they have clapped their hands and hailed. Is to do is the benefit of pro-US, there are even netizens feel that the penalty is less. Because the netizens feel that the son did wrong, the old son to punish the son a little money is the right thing to do!

Above this information we can see, which makes not netizens understand, what is called, you abuse me a thousand times, but I treat you like the first love of the meaning. So think, South Korea should also be very grateful to the United States, they understand is originally a fine of 3 billion, because the president to go to the United States, only 300 million fine, here I have to say, this president also thought high.

So here I would like to ask everyone, do you think South Korea gave so much money to the fine this time, what will be the next action? Will the United States give a statement? Do you think South Korea will choose to hold back this time?
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