Chinese couple naked, tragic death in Bali hotel, 8 details make the case more confusing

By: Beatrice May. 05,2023

Bali is a beautiful scenery, there is a "paradise island" reputation, many couples in love like to travel to Bali, many stars in the entertainment industry also like to private life in Bali.

Especially the famous spot in Paris, the lover's cliff, is a lot of couples as a love shrine, many couples to Bali travel will leave a sweet photo in the lover's cliff.

But today the news reported a murder that happened in Bali, to this romantic country stained with a touch of blood, and the deceased or two Chinese.

A review of events: two Chinese people died tragically in a hotel in Bali, the state of death is unbearable.

On May 3, several news media reported a news: a five-star hotel in Bali, Indonesia, where a murder occurred, the deceased were two Chinese tourists, a man and a woman, both in their twenties.

Several local media in Bali also reported on the matter. According to investigators from Bali's South Crypta Police Station, the two deceased were found naked and covered in blood, and they had fallen in different locations.

On May 1, hotel staff found the bloodied Jiangxi, China, 25-year-old man, Li, covered in blood and naked, lying on his back on the terrace of the hotel corridor, with obvious open wounds on his neck and left leg, and obvious bruises and blisters on his left chest and under his left arm.

Subsequently, the staff found the same blood-covered Chinese Guangxi national, 22-year-old woman Cheng in the bathroom in room 4223 where they were staying. Cheng was naked, like Li, and also died on her back, with a wound around the neck and a bruise on her forehead.

According to the hotel staff, the room was booked by Ms. Cheng, the local police saw from the hotel's surveillance screen, Cheng came alone to the hotel in question to check in around 8 p.m. on April 30.

At about 0:17 a.m. on May 1, the man Li arrived at the hotel lobby, resting and waiting in the hotel lobby, shortly after Cheng came downstairs to meet Cheng, the two met and walked into the previously booked room 4223 together.

Around 0:50 a.m., Li Mou had briefly left the room, came back seemingly without looking in the right direction, hovering for a while at the door of the next room 4222 before finding his room, and then the room was no longer in and out.

Until about 1:17 a.m., room service delivery to room 4223, this attendant stayed in the room for a longer period of time before exiting the room, the attendant did not show any abnormalities when going out.

And at 6:32 a.m., the monitoring screen again appeared Lee, this time, however, he was covered in blood, struggling to crawl in the hotel corridor, seems to be asking for help, but perhaps too much injury, bleeding, Lee did not crawl too far, died on his back in the corridor not far from the room, the process was more than 20 minutes.

At about 6:43 a.m., the hotel attendant received a call from the occupant of room 4228, who said he seemed to hear moans and cries for help coming from the corridor.

The hotel attendant thought a guest had a sudden illness and needed help, and immediately reported to the lobby manager, so the lobby manager hurriedly arranged for staff to push a wheelchair upstairs to check, and eventually found Li's body in the corridor and Cheng's body in the room bathroom.

Second, the official proof that the dead man and woman were legal lovers relationship, not as dirty as the netizens think.
Because the murder occurred abroad, the local police in Bali are also actively investigating the matter, according to the police, Cheng and Li in the hotel are not missing items, it is not yet possible to determine whether the two are suicide or homicide.

The consulate general in Denpasar also issued a notice confirming the identity of the deceased is a Chinese citizen, because the case is still clueless, the consulate can not reveal too many details of the case, but as early as the beginning of the May Day holiday, the consulate has issued a reminder to Chinese tourists to travel to Bali must pay attention to personal safety, whether there is any relationship between it?

The shocking news came to light in our country and immediately sparked a lot of discussion among netizens, especially when they heard that the two victims were naked and dead.

Some netizens unsuspectingly speculated that the relationship between these two people must be improper, and some netizens even posted a direct statement that these two people just went to Bali to do improper things, and in the process the criminals broke in and killed the two people.

Although the netizen said that these are personal analysis, but the words do not show the two dead mockery. A variety of vulgar speculation on the identity of the deceased is a great disrespect to the deceased, this is obviously for the flow of deliberate eyeballs.

Today, the official notification of specific information, but also announced the identity of the two deceased.

Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province Public Security Bureau Bailihu Branch West Second Road Police Station staff have confirmed that the women who died in this incident is Jiangxi Jiujiang people, went to Thailand on April 25 this year.

At the same time, the police of Pingle County, Guangxi Guilin also confirmed that the male who died in this incident is a native of Pingle, Guangxi Guilin.

According to local media reports in Indonesia, the identity information of the two deceased showed that they were "legal lovers", that is, husband and wife or couple relationship, not the improper male and female relationship as some netizens said.

Third, from the details of the case revealed by the police analysis, the possibility of suicide is very small.

Currently Bali police are still investigating the case, from the identity information can know the two victims are husband and wife relationship, it is not clear whether it belongs to suicide, two people beat each other or a third party involved in the murder.

According to the latest news bulletin, in fact, can find these eight details of suspicion, after analysis can be found to be a very high probability of homicide.

Details one:

The two sides are a legal couple, two people living in the same room would be very normal, the two died all naked, then it is likely that the two were attacked in the shower.

Details two:

The two stayed in a five-star hotel in Bali, which means that the two should be very rich, but combined with the age of the two, a 25-year-old, a 22-year-old, not too old, it is likely that the two sides of the family conditions are excellent, the two are rich, so you can check the social relations of the two parents, whether it is for money to kill.

Details three:

News reports say that the victim woman went to Thailand on April 25, and then the woman went to Bali to meet with the man, so the woman would not have been targeted as early as in Thailand? The woman was then followed all the way to Bali and then killed?

Detail four:

Monitoring shows a hotel waiter into the room to deliver food, staying indoors for a long time before coming out, after the monitoring appeared on the man was covered in blood in the corridor crawling for help, the delivery man will have the suspicion of murder?

Details five:

From the victim's death, the possibility of a love killing may not be high, it is likely to be a revenge killing or killed by the locals while traveling in Bali.

Detail six:

And two people were in the shower when they died, that is unsuspecting when they were killed, the suspect is likely to be hiding in the room at the beginning, because the news reported that a tourist staying in room 4217 is close to the room of the deceased, the day of the crime he did not find any abnormalities in the corridor, May 1 at 7:30 am he woke up did not hear any movement outside the door, and also did not hear the door and windows were He did not hear any movement outside the door when he woke up at 7:30 a.m. on May 1, and he did not hear the door or window being broken.

The woman had bruises on her head, which suggests that the suspect may have hit her head with a blunt object and killed her with a filament around her neck after she was not killed.

After the death of the woman, the man entered the bathroom and found the suspect, then was stabbed, the suspect stabbed the man and fled, the man dragged his injured body out of the room for help, and then died of excessive bleeding.

Detail seven:

According to the latest news reports said that the two victims of the friends have said that the two are a couple relationship, has been in love for many years, good feelings, which means that the two can not be a love killing, suicide is even more unlikely, even if the two travel in the process of conflict, it is impossible to get so bloody.

Details eight:

Now the biggest suspicion is how the suspect escaped after killing someone? If the room directly from the room, will certainly be recorded by the monitoring, the news reports that this hotel security is particularly good, if the escape along the balcony as a matter of fact will be found by the security patrol, the reason why the suspect could not be found, will not the suspect disguised as a hotel staff after killing people?

Fourth, what do I need to pay attention to when I go abroad to stay in a hotel?
Nowadays, traveling abroad is nothing new, but it is still recommended that all friends who like to travel around the world, go out to pay attention to safety, especially when staying in hotels must protect themselves.

1, in advance to understand the foreign hotel information, including the front desk phone, security phone, etc., once in the accommodation process encountered problems, the first time to reflect to the hotel staff.

2, it is best to know some English, if you really do not speak English, you must also download a good translation software in advance, this is not advertising, to travel abroad language is very troublesome, once the trouble to find police help is not easy, so be sure to install a good translation software in advance in the phone.

3, after checking into the hotel, if the conditions allow it is best to let the staff accompanied by the room to do a check, check the room without problems in the residence.

4, regardless of whether you live in a domestic hotel or a foreign hotel, you must bear in mind that after entering the room, first open the door, and then carefully check behind the curtains, under the quilt, under the bed, in the bathroom, in the closet and all the other places where you can hide, to prevent bad guys from hiding in the room in advance.

5, in foreign countries to stay in the hotel also have to protect personal privacy, check whether there is a hidden camera in the room, sleep must be locked the door good.

6, if a person to travel abroad, it is best to report the trip with the family in a timely manner, such as telling the family which hotel you stayed in, what name, room number is what, do not play alone abroad missing.

7, in and out of the hotel must not go to the remote and no camera place, when entering the room to pay attention to the left and right to see if there are people trailing behind, if you encounter strangers knocking on the door, it is best to contact the hotel reception first, if not delivery staff or hotel attendants, please do not open the door easily.

8, the most important point, in foreign countries do not easily believe the words of strangers.

Write to the end.
This murder is a wake-up call for everyone. When traveling, we still need to pay attention to our own safety, do not take it lightly, because after all, we are not local people, for the local environment and culture are not very familiar, some places may have potential dangers.

We also hope that the murderer will be caught and the truth will be found as soon as possible to console the two victims and their families.

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