Brazil's president criticizes U.S. for inciting attacks on Russia, reveals different heart from G7

By: Helena May. 25,2023

Brazilian President Lula, who participated in the expanded G7 summit, held a press conference in Hiroshima City on 22nd, criticizing U.S. President Joe Biden for inciting attacks against Russia by supporting Ukraine, which is under Russian attack. He said that this is "meaningless" for achieving peace and called for the issue of Ukraine to be discussed not in the framework of the G7, which is hostile to Russia, but in the United Nations.

  At the G7 Hiroshima summit, one of the focuses was on strengthening cooperation with emerging market and developing countries, known as the "global South," which are more likely to take a neutral stance in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. However, soon after the series of meetings, it was revealed that Brazil, among others, was not in step with the G7.

  Against the backdrop of Ukraine's preparations for a major counter-offensive against Russia, Biden directly expressed his agreement to European allies to provide U.S.-made F-16s to Ukraine on the 21st during his visit to Japan.

  According to Lula, "Peace can be achieved through cool-headed negotiations." He expressed Brazil's willingness to act as an intermediary for a truce between Russia and Ukraine, while anticipating that it would be difficult to achieve the status quo without the idea of a truce between the two sides. He stressed that "a 100 percent non-concession peace between the two sides cannot be achieved," suggesting that Ukraine should also make compromises.

  During his stay in Hiroshima, Zelenski held talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India, a representative of the "Global South", in addition to the G7 heads of state. But Zelenski did not meet with Lula, and said at a press conference on the 21st that "Mr. Lula should be very disappointed.

  Lula revealed that he was scheduled to meet with Zelenski in Hiroshima City, but he did not show up when the time came, and finally failed to meet.
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